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Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation means thinking about improving your business through technology to streamline processes, enhance operations, and increase your company’s shareholder and customer value. Many businesses see digital innovation as the driving point that can take them to a whole new level.

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How important is digital transformation for businesses

Digital transformation is essential for businesses, consequently, it helps them streamline their operations, communication, and the way they engage with their clients. By establishing a digital transformation strategy, you will change the traditional way of managing processes and start to become more digital. As a result, you will cultivate a better digital culture and upskill your workforce through this transformation.


What is the difference between digitalization, digitization, and digital transformation?

• Digitalization means using technology to transform your business model. Therefore, it is all about using technology to become a completely digital business.
• Digitization refers to the process of creating something digitally. For example, creating a web version of a printed newsletter.
• Digital transformation is reinvention. It leverages digital technologies and operations to create new systems, exploit new opportunities, and foment a digital mindset.


Types of digital transformation

• Process transformation: the center of it is analytics, AI, data, and other processes that help lower costs and increase productivity.
• Business model transformation: this type of innovation transformation allows businesses to move into new domains and areas that they have not discovered before.
• Cultural transformation: this is all about changing mindsets, resetting processes, and providing new skills for the digital world.

Interlibya helps you providing you transformation services

Contact us and we will help you create a digital transformation strategy to enhance your business and help it succeed in the Libyan market.


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Frecuently Questions

Learn about the most common queries about digital business transformation in Libya.

How much does the digital transformation cost?

It will all depend on the type of digital transformation you want your business to go through, your necessities, and your requirements.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

  • Competitive advantage in the market.
  • Improved technical skills and technology capabilities.
  • New streamlined business models.
  • Innovative company culture.

Is digital transformation important?

Yes, it is an essential process for businesses in every industry. It will help companies to stay competitive in a digital environment.

What does digital transformation mean?

It means embarking on the process of adopting new software, technology, platforms, and tools to gain a competitive advantage. Digital transformation is all about modernizing your business to help it succeed in the market.

Is digital transformation necessary for my business?

Yes, if your company is still traditional in the way it manages its operations, it is time for a digital transformation to help it go according to the times.

Interlibya helps you providing you transformation services

Contact us and we will help you create a digital transformation strategy to enhance your business and help it succeed in the Libyan market.

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